Food & drinks

Food & Drinks

Barbeque by the tent

​We will be happy to prepare a barbeque for you at your tent.

Snack bar

In the summer season, the Marina & Glamping Nová Živohošť resort opens a snack bar with a beautiful terrace by the beach, where you can have a delicious pizza or a juicy burger!

About resort

Our priorities


The surroundings of the Slapy are really diverse. It offers fishing, water sports, yachting, hiking in the area, mushroom picking, trips to lookout towers and castles. 

The area

The quality of the accommodation and the surrounded area is our number one priority, which is why we hope that you will feel very comfortable in the area of glamping tents. Glamping originated from “glamorous” and “camping” and together they form a combination of beauty, luxury and camping. We leave the assessment to you!

Family place

Glamping tents are suitable both for a romantic trip for two and for a visit with children. Different sizes of tents are also adapted for a visit with your children. There is a new playground and hops for small visitors to the resort.


The beach areas are always arranged to make you feel good. The environment of the Slapy dam is ideal for relaxing by the water, fishing, rowing, or even yachting. There are really many possibilities of activities here and everyone will find something to enjoy here.